Researchers, scholars, and students use citations to

  1. identify and document the ideas of others which they have used to support their work
  2. enable readers to find those works should they wish to read them

MLA style is used most often in the humanities.  Websites are especially tricky because they may not be permanent and may not contain all the information for a complete citation.

MLA Style Basic Elements: Author, editor, or compiler’s name, if available. Name of site. Sponsor or publisher, Date resource was created.  Medium of publication. Dated resource was accessed.


Looking at this website there is no specific author listed for this page. However, we do know the title of the site (About Glycemic Index), the sponsor (The University of Sydney), and the date of creation (8 August 2014). Using this information we can create the following citation for the website: 

About Glycemic Index. The University of Sydney, 8 August 2014. Web. 17 August 2015.

See the Purdue University Online Writing Lab MLA Style Guide for more details.

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