Does it meet the requirements of your assignment? 

Has your teacher outlawed or required types of sources or topics and have you followed those instructions?

Is it interesting to you? 
Sometimes something seems interesting in the beginning but then when you read more, you might feel less interested.  CHANGE DIRECTIONS!  Topics are constantly changing and you should feel free to follow and shift your topic towards what interests you.

Are you writing about it because you think there will be a lot out there?
Think again.  These are often hot button topics that have too much information out there and very little left to say.  Try to be unique.  These topics are often more interesting and less frustrating.

Is the scope workable for your assignment? 
Sometimes students choose topics because they’ve heard of them before and know lots will be written about it.  For example:

You start with a broad idea, something like female pop stars.  You know this is too broad so you narrow it to Beyonce because she’s amazing.  Then, you run a search in the library database, Academic Search Premier and you receive 2,331 results.  As you start to look through the results, you realize you’re more interested in the economic aspects of Beyonce’s fame and the types of marketing she uses. You narrow your search even more to reflect your new topic. Now you are getting to a workable scope.


Have you talked to your instructor?
You should!  Stop by during office hours and make sure your instructor thinks you’re headed in the right direction.

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