To decide if an article is helpful, you need to ask your self some questions about the source and how it suits your purposes. Evaluation is a 2-step process!

1. CRAAP test: Question your source

 Currency: How recent is this information?  Has it been updated?  Is it current enough for your topic?

 Reliability: Is it fact or opinion?  Are there references to the sources of information?

 Authority: Who is the creator or author? What are the author's credentials?

 Accuracy: Where does the information come from? Is the information supported by evidence?

 Purpose: Is it biased?  Are they trying to sell you something - either a product or an idea?

2. Reflective questions: Question yourself

Is the article relevant to me? Does it suit my needs?

Will this source make my paper/presentation better? Could I use this source in a helpful way?

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The CRAAP test was developed by CSU, Chico Library