As a current student, faculty or staff member, use your A number and password to access any electronic library resources from the library website.


As a student, if you have graduated and are not currently registered for classes, your access to licensed library resources may have expired. However, alumni do have other options for finding research information.

If you are a current USU faculty or staff member, you should have access to all library resources. However, staff at the USU Research Foundation that don’t have a joint faculty appointment or are not currently registered as a student, are not authorized to access electronic resources remotely. View options for Research Foundation/SDL users.

Confirm Banner Access.  If you are an authorized student, faculty or staff user, and you still cannot access library resources, first trying logging into Banner to confirm that the problem isn’t at this level. If you cannot access Banner, help is available from USU IT service desk.

If you are able to log into Banner, check to make sure you are not logged into the VPN.

Try direct access through Library’s website.  Next, make sure you are trying to access the resource through the Library’s website. If you access a database via a Google search, or once you are logged in as a USU user, you may see an additional login options. These are usually for special features, like saving articles to folders in Ebsco databases, and require you to create a separate account with that database provider. Accessing the database from the Library’s website is the best way to skip these logins and get directly to the material you need. 

If you still have trouble logging into the resource from the library website using your a# and password, contact for help.

Still need help?  Ask us.