1. The call number for a book is located under the result in the library catalog.
  2. To the left of the call number will be a floor location for the item—go to that location in the library. (Keep in mind that places like Special Collections & Archives, Government Documents, and Media Collections & Course Reserves will vary slightly in organization, so be sure to go to that location and inquire about the item you are looking for.)
  3. Once you have reached that location, the books are organized in an alphabetical and numerical order.

If you were looking for The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, this is how you would evaluate the call number PR 6039 .O32 H63 2012:

Start with the letters at the beginning: PR.

Once you have found the PRs in the library, look for the number after: 6039

After you find that number, look for .O.

Then look for the decimal .32

After that you will need to locate H63.

If you can’t find the book, make sure to look around at the titles in that area, because it might be slightly out of place. (The 2012 at the end of the call number is just a reference to the copyright year of the book.)

Here are a list of locations in the library with their corresponding floors:

4th Floor

Merrill-Cazier Books (T, U, V & Z)

3rd Floor

Merrill-Cazier Books 3rd Floor South (K, L & P)

Merrill-Cazier Books 3rd Floor North (Q, R, & S)

2nd Floor

Barn & Current Journals


Merrill-Cazier Books 2nd Floor (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, GN, GR, GV, H & J)

1st Floor

Information Commons

Reference Collections

Merrill-Cazier Reserves, Library Media Collections              

Lower Level

Merrill-Cazier Special Collections & Archives

Art Book Room

Government Documents and Maps

Merrill-Cazier Books LL (M, N, TR & TT)

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