When trying to login to a resource

 When you run into an error screen when trying to access or use an electronic resource, there are a number of potential solutions.

 First, if you are trying to access a database or online resource that requires a login, make sure you are using your correct credentials, your A# and banner password.

 If these credentials still don’t work, make sure your password has not been updated recently.

 If you are trying to access the resource from its public website, you may need to take additional steps, like selecting an institution, before logging in, such as in the JSTOR example below.

JSTOR public login page 

You could also be mistakenly logging into a personal account rather than your library account. Many databases, such as those provided by EBSCO, allow you to create an optional user account in order to save searches and articles for later use. These accounts are separate from your banner account, which simply clears you as an authorized library user for that resource.

To avoid errors from using the wrong login options, access database links through the Library’s list of electronic resources, not through a search engine.

There are also some known issues accessing and using certain electronic resources. 

When following ArticleLinker links to search full-text holdings

In cases where the full-text is not available within the resource you are using, an external ArticleLinker link to search the Library’s other electronic and print holdings will be provided. If the Library has electronic access, this link should take you directly to the record or full-text view for the desired item. If no electronic copies are available, the link will take you to a secondary screen, where print holdings can be searched. 

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