When looking for journal articles and other resources, you may at some point find yourself hitting a ‘paywall,’ where the journal or database prompts you to pay to access their content. The Merrill-Cazier Library subscribes to tens of thousands of journals and if the library does not subscribe to the content you need, there are resource sharing programs in place to get the content to you.

If you are hitting a ‘paywall,’ make sure you are accessing the journal or database through the library’s website First check to see if we own the journal online.

1. Look at the citation to find the title of the journal in which the article was published:

Banville, V., Morin, P., Pouliot, Y., & Britten, M. (2013). Physical properties of pizza mozzarella cheese manufactured under different cheese-making conditions. Journal Of Dairy Science, 96(8), 4804-4815. doi:10.3168/jds.2012-6314

2. Go to the Electronic Journals Page and enter the journal title.


3. Click appropriate link to get to journal.


4. You can either:

  • Choose the relevant volume and issue and then scroll through the table of contents until you find the article



  • Or copy and paste the article title into the journal search box to go directly to it.

If your article isn’t in the electronic journals, go to the Finding Print Articles page for what to do next.

If we don't own your article electronically or in print, you can request that we get it from another library.  View this guide on requesting articles for more information.

Still need help?  Ask us.