In case you didn't know, BARN stands for Borrower’s Automated Retrieval Network. It’s where we store books and journals that aren’t used as often as others. Thanks to the BARN, students have more room in the library to study, nap, loiter, or avoid other places on campus that don’t measure up to the library’s majesty. 

When you run a search in the library catalog, if the book you need is in the BARN, it will say Merrill-Cazier BARN under the location heading.


1. Click on the blue title of book, and select the ARS Request link next to the location.


2. Then you will be prompted to type in your name. Choose Submit.


3.  After you submit the request, you will go to the Circulation desk to check-out  your book (if you ever request a journal, it will need to be picked up on the 2nd floor at the Newspapers & Journals desk).  

After you do all that, you should be able to check out your book and do what you please with it—so long as you don’t damage it in any way, because we will fine you without remorse.  

Still need help?  Ask us.