Some of the library article databases only have scholarly (peer reviewed) articles but many of them have a combination of scholarly articles, magazines and newspaper articles, and business or industry-type articles.

How do you know what type of article you’re looking at?

Some of the library article databases label the type of articles with an icon:

"" Scholarly (Academic)

"" Magazine (Periodical)

"" Newspaper

You can also look for clues in the article, which is especially useful for articles you find online:

Scholarly articles, which report original research projects:

  • almost always has a bibliography
  • lengthy - often 10 or more pages
  • often have chart and graphs describing the research project

Magazines, including popular magazines like Time and magazines focused on a particular business industry, such as Computer Weekly:

  • typically shorter, 1-5 pages
  • never have a bibliography
  • often have pictures

For more information, see this Spectrum of Sources guide.

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