The Beat & Little Magazine Collection

The Beat Poetry and Little Magazine Collection, a gift from the Marie Eccles Caine Foundation is also housed in this area. An important collection, it chronicles the "Beat Movement" in American literature and history through primary sources including over 2300 books and pamphlets, 1400 Beat magazines, 150 anthologies and approximately 35 broadsides and posters. This core collection was later joined by a second gift from the Caine Foundation: the "Little Magazine" collection which extends and compliments the first, larger collection. The library continues to add Beat materials as they become available. The present collection already contains over 5,000 annotated items. Beat materials generally do not circulate but can be accessed in the Art Book Room. The Beat collection includes a selection of AV materials that do circulate.
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Harris, Latif
Despair Press
San Francisco
PS 3558 .A6465 I36
Paper, side staple-bound in two illustrated card covers featuring front and back cover collages by the poet. Beginning in 1959, Latif Harris has been a contributor to the San Francisco/North Beach literary scene. In addition to his publications of poetry, articles, reviews and various anthologies, Harris edited and published BEATITUDE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY 1959-2009 -- considered to be an unequaled anthology of Beat Literature and a classic work of contemporary poetry. Gift of Ernesto Edwards.
Honest Prices
Peters, Steve
One Eye Press
El Paso, Texas
PS 3566 .E7565 H6
Paper, Mimeo printed and staple-bound in photo-illustrated white paper wrappers. Illustrations by Hal Marcus. Front cover (photo) by Keith Fitzgerald. Steve Peters was the editor of One Eye Magazine.
Bread &
Magazine/Kuenstler, Frank (ed)
Bread &
New York
Paperbound. From the title page: "Statement: If I get a phone call, it will be for me. Local, cosmopolitan, abstract, BREAD & is not a regional magazine…The first issue of BREAD & is dedicated to those who made it possible. Its pages are open, especially to writers and advertisers." Frank Kuenstler. Bread & 1: Includes work by Adriano Sado, Frank Kuenstler, Antonin Artaud, Robert Kelly, Thomas Gormley, Thomas Nash, Anthony Asquit, Tuli Kupferberg, Marc Alyn, Seymour Faust, and Barbara Shapiro.
El Clutch Y Los Klinkies
Cruz, Victor Hernandez
# Magazine
New York
PS 3553 .R8 C55
Paper, staple-bound in lime green illustrated wrappers. Cover sketch [of hand] by Vitin Ajani Cruz. Decorative grey endpapers with black & green wavy line pattern. Special unnumbered issue of #Magazine. In the 1970s, Cruz emerged as a distinctive voice in the so-called Nuyorican school of émigré poets. Victor Hernandez Cruz's poetry has been described as “the most conscious of literary forms, and the most influenced by present tendencies in American literature” among Puerto Rican writers in the United States. It is highly introspective and abstract, preoccupied with form, rhythm, and language. One distinguishing feature of Hernández Cruz’s poetry is its conscious language choices. The poet plays with both English and Spanish words, with spelling and phonetics, suggesting at times simultaneous American and Puerto Rican readings. He also captures Hispanic images and symbols in the urban milieu.
Perreault, John
LINES book
New York
PS 3566 .E692 C36
Staple-bound with Printed wrappers. Introduction by John Ashbery. First edition. One of ca. 500 copies. Perreault was the editor of the magazine, "Elephant" .
Work 1961 - 73
Rainer, Yvonne
Press of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and New York University
Halifax, Canada / New York
GV 1785 .R25 A38
Paper, oversize, bound in photo-illustrated wrappers. 338 pp., illustrated with photos, drawings and facsimiles. Includes appendix and bibliography. Second printing Dancer, choreographer, performer, filmmaker and writer Yvonne Rainer, who began choreographing in 1961 and made her first film in 1967, is a key figure in the story of the New York avant-garde in terms of both her writing and practice. Rainer was a key player within the New York avant-garde from the early 1960s through to the mid-1990s. There is another copy available for check-out in the main library.
Down Time
Derksen, Jeff
PR 9199.3 .D47 D6
Paper, trade edition, bound in green pictorial wrappers featuring a cover montage by Kelly Wood. First Edition. 8vo - over 7 3/4 " - 9 3/4 " tall. Influential Kootenay School poet. SIGNED & INSCRIBED on title page: "for Ray, Jeff Derksen / vancouver / Dec 6 / 90. " A collection of six works, variously demonstrating "movement in poetry". The book proposes a social self that is able to recognize the ironies and restrictions we live in without returning to a garrison mentality. This book won the 1991 Dorothy Livesay Poetry Award at the B. C. Book Prizes.
Cawdor, a Long Poem; Medea, After Euripides
Jeffers, Robinson
New Directions Publishing
New York
PS 3519 .E27 C4
Paper, trade edition bound in illustrated wrappers featuring a black & white photograph of the sea by Thomas Merton. This is a 1970 printing of the 1928 major poetic work by Robinson Jeffers. Cawdor and Medea embody Jeffer's most compelling themes and modds and convey his philosophy of "Inhumanism." With an introduction by William Everson (Brother Antoninus). There is a circulating copy in the stacks.
David Amram's Twelfth Night at Hunter
Amram, David
Hunter College Opera Workshop
New York
M 1503 .A476 T9
Paper, one single sheet printed front & back and folded. This is a program for Amram's opera production of "Twelfth Night", which premiered in New York City April 24/25, 1969 at the Hunter College Playhouse. Presented by the Hunter College Opera Workshop. David Amram was also the conductor. Based on a libretto by Joseph Papp. The Boston Globe has described David Amram as "the Renaissance man of American music.". He has composed over 100 orchestral and chamber works, written two operas, and early in his career, wrote many scores for theater and films, including Splendor in the Grass and The Manchurian Candidate. He has collaborated with such notables as Leonard Bernstein, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Charles Mingus, Dustin Hoffman, Thelonious Monk, Willie Nelson, Jack Kerouac, Betty Carter, Odetta, Elia Kazan, Arthur Miller, and Tito Puente.
A Child's Christmas in Wales
Thomas, Dylan
A New Directions Book
New York
PR 6039 .H52 C48
Small square volume bound in light blue art paper; green woodcuts on cover. Nineteenth printing. Designed and illustrated by woodcuts by Ellen Raskin. Reprint of 1954 edition; 63 pages. A Welsh poet recalls, in enchanting language, the celebration of Christmas in Wales and the feelings it evoked in him as a child. Gift inscription inside front cover: "Fran, I can't envision Christmas eve without this delightful tale - I want to share this with you - Kathy".
Riding the Dog
Irby, Kenneth
Zelot Press
Greensburg, PA
PS 3559 .R2 R5
Paper, stapled into white wrappers, printed in brown. Four prose pieces, issued as The Zelot: No. 4. Distributed by 'The Asphodel Book Shop'. The pieces describe overheard conversations & the poets 'stream of consciousness' recorded as he rides a Greyhound Bus [the dog] on varied U.S. routes -- Salt Lake to Reno; Washington D.C. via Annapolis; 'en route KC -St. Louis'; and Salt Lake City to Denver. Irby is a celebrated American poet, his writing is considered by most critics as powerful visionary work. Irby is known for his exactitude in the rhythms of natural speech and he also offers a vision of America in terms of geography: its idiosyncratic place names, its rich physical and spiritual history, and, especially, its individuals.
The California Papers
Carey, Steve
United Artists
New York
PS 3553 .A667 c3
Paper, bound in glossy, white illustrated wrappers. Black ink cover drawing by Peter Kanter. Back cover b/w photo of the author (by Rochelle Kraut). Includes "A Prefatory Note" by Ron Padgett. Published in an edition of 750 copies. United Artists Books (formerly Angel Hair Books) was founded in 1967. It is one of the oldest independent publishing companies in the United States that focuses primarily on publishing books of poetry.
Cage, John
Something Else Press
New York
ML 96.4 .C33
Paperbound with Errata sheet laid in. " In his book Notations (1968), where Cage presents in alphabetical order a single page apiece of scores chosen by contributing composers, the radical assumption is that the editor has no more authority than the reader in assigning value. Nothing is featured by being put ahead of the others, or having its name on the book's cover. The absence of hierarchy and of editorial discrimination in this book likewise retlects his politics. (A traditional editor would huffily characterise a book like Notations as 'an abdication of professional responsibility'.) Anyone who has ever worked in theatre with Cage knows that he believes every performance venue should have convenient exits so that spectators can leave whenever they wish. Capturing anyone's attention, as we say, is to him no more justifiable in art than in life. One truth of Cage's own functionmg is that no one loses anything by relinquishing power, but the essence of his method is not to tell but to show." From an essay, Anarchists Art - The Example of John Cage by Richard Kostelanetz, January 1990
A Diamond Necklace
Notley, Alice
Frontward Books
New York
PS 3564 .O79 D53
Paper, mimeo printed and side-stapled between card covers. Colored (pink, blue, & yellow) cover illustration by Rochelle Kraut. Green tissue flyleaf. This edition was published at the Poetry Project, New York, in an edition of 350.
Immediate Orgy & Audit
Mlinko, Ange
Somerville, MA
PS 3563 .N63 I44
Paper, chapbook, staplebound in yellow wrappers, printed in blue-grey ink. Yellow endpapers. No edition stated. Lift, chapbook #4. LAID IN: Postcard with B&W photo: "8-30-98 / Dear Steve - Here is my (disclaimer: old) chapbook as well as a Broadside the Figures just did. Zoland Books will be publishing a book next April… I look forward to getting the Bernadette book! / All best, Ange." Ms. Mlinko's first collection of published poems. Many of these poems are set in the city and are fast, energetic, often propelled by nervous energy or anxiety. Many recall the poems of Frank O'Hara, and his wonderful urban discoveries of the 50's.
Drunken Boat: Art; Rebellion; Anarchy
Blechman, Max (editor)
Drunken Boat
New York City
NX 650 .A52 D78
Paper, trade edition, bound in full-color illustrated wrappers. Cover features watercolor, "Sunflower Sutra" by Eric Drooker. Edited by Max Bleckman, 'Drunken Boat' served as a forum for contemporary thought on "anarchist aestetic," in essays on history and theory as well as fiction and poetry. Includes an introduction by Blechman. Contributers include George Woodcock, Tuli Kupferberg, Judith Malina, Arthur Mitzmann and Gary Snyder among others. 288 pages. Includes illustrations, collages, and photographs by various artists.
Defenestration of Prague
Howe, Susan
Kulchur Foundation
New York
PS 3558 .O893 D4
Hardbound in cloth covered printed boards. Cover design by Susan Howe featuring a drawing by Inigo Jones. INSCRIBED ON FRONT ENDPAPER "To Paul with love--Susan Howe." Born in 1937, Susan Howe's career as a poet grew from a painting and drawing career and began, with the exception of publications of earlier poems in serials, with the 1974 edition of Hinge Picture (New York, Telephone Books). Closely associated with the late 1970s and 1980s Language Poets' movement, Susan Howe's poetry and scholarship are most accurately characterized as language based and experimental.
Thasos and Ohio: Poems & Translations
Davenport, Guy
North Point Press
San Francisco
PS 3554 .A86T47 copy2
Hardbound in grey cloth with dustjacket illustrated in shades of green, black and white. Includes translations chiefly of ancient Greek poets (Archilochos, Alkman, Sappho, and others); plus reworkings of Rilke's first and fifth "Duino Elegies", as well as original poems; dedicated as a whole to Christopher Middleton.
Kelly, Robert
Duende Press
Placitas, New Mexico
PS 3521 .E4322 L42
Paper, side-stapled between card covers (back cover possibly missing). Construction grade paper pages, very yellowed with age. Cover and internal collages by Bobbie Creeley. End page features a full-page ad for the Current issue (no.18) of the magazine, KULCHUR. In the preface, Kelly explains "lectio" as a gathering, a reading aloud… "These are poems concerned with information: data …"
The Woman Who Saw Through Paradise [Tansy 2]
Eshleman, Clayton
Tansy Press
Lawrence, Kansas
PS 3555 .S5 W6
Paper, staple bound in white wrappers with printing in black & green. The cover design is a collaboration between Lee Chapman and John Moritz. Leaf motif on the cover. Published as Tansy 2. Limited to 350 copies, this booklet was prepared especially for Eshleman's reading at Kansas University in October 1976. Clayton Eshleman is known for his work as a poet, an editor, and a translator, having won such awards as National Book Award and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Eshleman has traveled across the world, and has used his travel experiences to fuel his work and to meditate on man's rootless condition.
davinci / number 6 / autumn 1979
Magazine/Bealy, Allan (ed.)
Montreal, Quebec
Paperbound. Canadian poetry; illustrations. General editors , Guy Lavoie, Si Dardick. Issue Number 6 (Autumn 1979): Illustrations by D. Minsk, Allan Bealy, Jacqui Holmes, Denis Lucas,Paul Grillo, Debby Adelman ; Poetry by Artie Gold, Penny Kemp & more.
The Autobiography of William Carlos Williams
Williams, William Carlos
Random House
New York
PS 3545 .I58 Z5 copy 2
Hard bound in full blue cloth lettered in white and gilt. Second Printing. Indexed, no photos. William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), American writer and pediatrician, developed in his poetry a lucid, vital style that reproduced the characteristic rhythms of American speech. In many respects Williams's Autobiography (1951) was a form of therapy, as he was able to exorcise many of his frustrations and resentments. In the end, the shock and painful self-examination that resulted a positive effect on his work; his chief poems after this period, Journey to Love (1955), "Asphodel, That Greeny Flower," and Paterson, Book V (1958), are among the finest of his career.
Beat Scene [Magazine, No. 19]
Ring, Kevin (Editor)
Beat Scene, Binley Woods
Warwickshire, England
PS 1 .B435, no. 19
Paper, staple-bound in photo-illustrated wrappers. No. 19 features a b/w photo of William Burroughs, at 80. Also Part Two of Neal Cassady profile; getting hip with Lord Buckley, The Essence of Jack Kerouac and more.
To Creature
Gilfillan, Merrill
Blue Wind Press
PS 3557 .I3447 T6
Paper, bound in white card wrappers, printed in black. Pale blue endpapers. Minor brown spots to covers. Front cover drawing by Rick DuCalme. Back cover features black & white photograph of the author by Jayne Nodland. A small volume of poetry. First edition. "A dynamite book" [on back cover]. Merrill Gilfillan is an award-winning short story writer and poet. His "Magpie Rising: Sketches from the Great Plains", won the first PEN / Martha Albrand Award for non-fiction.
Light, Licht
Malanga, Gerard
Expanded Media Editions
PS 3563 .A42 L5
Paper in illustrated wrappers. (1973).; First German edition of these poems. 138 pp. with 6 foldout photographs by Malanga. Printed in red and green ink. With facing English-German text (translation by Udo Breger).