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Collection of E-books on the field of veterinary medicine.

Coverage: Access: USU & Eastern


Animal Welfare, Ethics & Law; Complementary Veterinary Medicine; General & Introductory Veterinary Medicine; Laboratory Animal Medicine; Veterinary Anatomy & Physiology; Veterinary Anesthesia, Analgesia & Pain Medicine; Veterinary Clinical Pathology & Laboratory Medicine; Veterinary Dentistry; Veterinary Dermatology; Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care; Veterinary Epidemiology; Public Health & Statistics; Veterinary Imaging; Veterinary Internal Medicine; Veterinary Medicine - Birds; Veterinary Medicine - Dogs & Cats; Veterinary Medicine - Equine; Veterinary Medicine - Exotic Pets; Veterinary Medicine - Farm Animals; Veterinary Medicine - Fish; Veterinary Medicine - Small Animal General; Veterinary Medicine - Zoo & Wildlife; Veterinary Medicine Special Topics; Veterinary Microbiology, Parasitology, Infectious Disease & Immunology; Veterinary Nursing & Animal Care; Veterinary Ophthalmology; Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapeutics; Veterinary Practice Management; Veterinary Surgery, Orthopedics & Trauma

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