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Key Resources in E-books & Audiobooks

Libby is the recommended app for accessing bestselling fiction and nonfiction audiobooks and e-books from OverDrive. [More about Libby] 

ProQuest Ebook Central
Large collection of scholarly ebooks. [More about ProQuest Ebook Central] 

O'Reilly for Higher Education
E-books, videos, tutorials, and case studies in technology and business. [More about O'Reilly for Higher Education] 
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Read bestselling fiction and nonfiction as audiobooks and e-books. [More about OverDrive] 
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Additional Resources in E-books & Audiobooks

ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection
ACLS Humanities E-Book is an online collection of over 3,300 books of high quality in the humanities. [More about ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection] 

APA PsycNet Ebooks
Scholarly and professional books about psychology and related disciplines (including medicine, psychiatry, nursing, education, neuroscience, and others). [More about APA PsycNet Ebooks] 

ASM Handbooks
This is the online edition of the 24-volume ASM Handbooks series, its supplements, and the ASM desk editions. [More about ASM Handbooks] 

Search over 300 CRC Press engineering handbooks online. [More about CRCnetBASE] 

CRCnetBASE Veterinary Medicine eBook Collection
Collection of 117 ebooks on fundamental and emerging issues in the field of veterinary medicine. [More about CRCnetBASE Veterinary Medicine eBook Collection ] 

EBSCO eBooks
Searchable collection of e-books for in-depth research on scholarly and popular subjects in all disciplines. [More about EBSCO eBooks] 

Gale Ebooks: Reference Collection
Search hundreds of e-books at once for introductory information on research topics. [More about Gale Ebooks: Reference Collection] 

The HathiTrust is a shared digital repository, incorporating digitized content from some of the largest research libraries in the United States.  [More about HathiTrust] Login required for some collections

iRead eBooks
iRead eBooks from Airiti Books is a Chinese language ebook platform which provides access to a selection of ebook titles. [More about iRead eBooks] 

National Academy Press (NAP)
Collection of scholarly e-books. [More about National Academy Press (NAP)] 

Oxford Reference Online: Premium
Search hundreds of e-books at once for introductory information on research topics. [More about Oxford Reference Online: Premium] 

Oxford Scholarship Online
Scholarly books in the fields of history and literature from Oxford University Press. [More about Oxford Scholarship Online] 

Project Gutenberg
Largest single collection of free electronic books. [More about Project Gutenberg] 

SAGE Knowledge
Get introductory information on discipline-specific research topics from these e-books on the environment, business, social science, and other subjects. [More about SAGE Knowledge ] 

Includes thousands of journals and ebooks. [More about SpringerLink] 

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science
Collections of brief e-books synthesizing important research or development topics. [More about Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science] 

Wageningen Academic Publishers eBook Collection
Wageningen Academic Publishers provides a diverse collection of ebooks centered on the life sciences, especially animal, veterinary, and food science. [More about Wageningen Academic Publishers eBook Collection] 

Wiley Veterinary Medicine eBook Collection
Collection of E-books on the field of veterinary medicine. [More about Wiley Veterinary Medicine eBook Collection] 

WorldCat Discovery
Identify resources at your library and in the collections of the world's libraries. [More about WorldCat Discovery]