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Abstracts and citations to articles in journals in sociology, family studies, women's studies, and related social sciences, as well as abstracts to dissertations, conference proceedings, and books, covering 1952-present.

Coverage: 1952 to present Access: USU & Eastern


Aging; Ageing; AIDS; Alcohol/Drug Abuse; Anthropology; Communications; Counseling; Family; Law; Political Science; Psychology; Rehabilitation; Welfare; Culture and Social Structure; Demography and Human Biology; Economic Development; Environmental Interactions; Evaluation Research; Family and Social Welfare; Health and Medicine and Law; History and Theory of Sociology; Management and Complex organizations; Mass Phenomena and Political Interactions; Methodology and Research Technology; Policy, Planning, Forecast and Speculation; Radical Sociology; Religion and Science; Rural and Urban Sociology; Social Development; Social Differentiation; Social Psychology and Group Interaction; Sociology of the Arts, Business, Education; Studies in Violence and Power; Substance Abuse and Addiction; Welfare Services; Women's Studies; ProQuest

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