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O'Reilly for Higher Education
E-books, videos, tutorials, and case studies in technology and business. [More about O'Reilly for Higher Education] 
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Occupational Outlook Handbook
Searchable collection of career information, including salary, work environment and job outlook. [More about Occupational Outlook Handbook] 

OECD Factbook
Statistics related to the economic, social, and environmental trends in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) 34 member countries. [More about OECD Factbook] 

OER Commons
Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning materials that may be freely used and reused at no cost, and without needing to ask permission. [More about OER Commons] 

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA)
Search inherited disorders, other traits, and genes in 216 animal species. [More about Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA)] 

Open Textbook Library
Open textbooks grants students and faculty access to free, peer-reviewed, and openly- licensed textbooks. [More about Open Textbook Library] 

OpenStax improves student access to education by providing openly licensed college textbooks. [More about OpenStax ]
Scientific and technical e-prints from a wide range of research activities relating to the Department of Energy. [More about] 

Read bestselling fiction and nonfiction as audiobooks and e-books. [More about OverDrive] 

Overland Journeys: Travels in the West, 1800-1880
The Overland Journeys collection contains fulltext materials on Western US History. [More about Overland Journeys: Travels in the West, 1800-1880] 

Oxford Art Online
An authoritative and user-friendly online art resource that lets researchers access and cross-search several authoritative art reference works simultaneously: Grove Art Online; The Benezit Dictionary of Artists; The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics; The Oxford Companion to Western Art; and The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms.  [More about Oxford Art Online] 

Oxford Bibliographies
Use "Browse by Subject" to view online bibliographies for specific subject areas, including Biblical Studies, Buddhism, Childhood Studies, Classics, Ecology, Hinduism, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, and Renaissance and Reformation. [More about Oxford Bibliographies] 

Oxford Bibliographies: Religious Studies
This database offers the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, across the subjects of Biblical Studies, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, and the Renaissance & Reformation. [More about Oxford Bibliographies: Religious Studies] 

Oxford Dictionary of Plant Sciences
Dictionary of terms related to the plant sciences. [More about Oxford Dictionary of Plant Sciences] 

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America
Examines the way Americans view, prepare, and consume food and drink. [More about Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America] 

Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature
The Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature contains 350 essays from leading scholars, encompassing the range and depth of American literary history from the 1600s to the present. [More about Oxford Encyclopedia of American Literature] 

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
Authoritative dictionary describing the evolution of the English language. [More about Oxford English Dictionary (OED)] 

Oxford Handbooks Online
Provides in-depth coverage in the subject areas of Political Science and Archaeology. [More about Oxford Handbooks Online] 

Oxford Music Online
Your definitive encyclopedia for all things musical - provides the ability to search several key music reference sources like The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.  [More about Oxford Music Online] 

Oxford Reference Online: Premium
Search hundreds of e-books at once for introductory information on research topics. [More about Oxford Reference Online: Premium] 

Oxford Research Encyclopedias: African History
Comprehensive, online research encyclopedia covering all areas of African history. [More about Oxford Research Encyclopedias: African History] 

Oxford Scholarship Online
Scholarly books in the fields of history and literature from Oxford University Press. [More about Oxford Scholarship Online] 

Oxford University Press (Coronavirus)
Oxford University Press released relevant information on the coronavirus. [More about Oxford University Press (Coronavirus)] 

Oxford University Press (Coronavirus)
Oxford University Press has made their research on coronavirus free to everyone. [More about Oxford University Press (Coronavirus)]