Articles & Databases

PBS Videos
Full-length episodes and short videos from various PBS television programs. [More about PBS Videos] 

Perseus Project
An evolving digital library of resources for the study of the humanities. [More about Perseus Project] 

Plant Information Online
A collection of databases of interest to plant and gardening enthusiasts and students, as well as professional botanists, horticulturists, and researchers. [More about Plant Information Online] 
This database was discontinued May 2021.

Plant Science
This is a subset of the ProQuest Agricultural & Environmental Science Database (note that "Plant Science content only" is checked under the search box), and it is an article database for plant science. [More about Plant Science] 

PLOS (Coronavirus)
PLOS has gathered and released their information on the coronavirus. [More about PLOS (Coronavirus)] 

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center
This full-text database contains hundreds of thousands of classic and contemporary poems, as well as short stories, biographies, and essays on such topics as poetic forms, movements and techniques. [More about Poetry & Short Story Reference Center] 

Points of View Reference Center
A full-text database designed to provide students with a series of essays that present multiple sides of a current issue. [More about Points of View Reference Center] 

PolicyArchive is a digital archive of global, non-partisan public policy research. [More about PolicyArchive] 
Also known as: Policy Archive 

Presidential Recordings Program
From 1940 to 1973, US presidents secretly recorded just under 5,000 hours of in-person and telephone conversations. [More about Presidential Recordings Program] 

Primary Search
Full-text article database designed for elementary school libraries. [More about Primary Search]
A website resource that provides neutral and credible research information addressing the pros and cons of controversial issues. [More about] 

Professional Development Collection
Full-text article database for professional educators offering information on everything from children's health and development to cutting-edge pedagogical theory and practice.  [More about Professional Development Collection] 

Project Euclid
Access to over 20 full-text, searchable journals in the fields of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics. [More about Project Euclid] 

Project Gutenberg
Largest single collection of free electronic books. [More about Project Gutenberg] 

Project MUSE
Multidisciplinary e-journal collection for humanities and social sciences. [More about Project MUSE] 

ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. [More about ProPublica] 

Search for articles, video, books, dissertations, newspapers, and more, across all of USU's subscribed ProQuest databases.  [More about ProQuest] 

ProQuest Congressional
This comprehensive database of U.S. Legislative information contains the full-text of bills (1989 to date), laws (1988 to date), the Federal Register (1980 to date), the Code of Federal Regulations, the National Journal (1980 to date), information on members of congress, committees, and congressional publications.  [More about ProQuest Congressional] 

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (Digital Dissertation Abstracts)
Doctoral dissertations and some masters' theses from many North American graduate schools and some European universities. [More about ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (Digital Dissertation Abstracts)] 

ProQuest Ebook Central
Large collection of scholarly ebooks. [More about ProQuest Ebook Central] 

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Los Angeles Times, 1881-1997
Los Angeles Times in full text and full image. [More about ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Los Angeles Times, 1881-1997] 

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times, 1851 - 2018
New York Times in full text and full image. [More about ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times, 1851 - 2018] 

ProQuest Newsstand (Global Newsstream)
Full-text access to US and international news sources. Includes coverage of The New York Times and The Times of London, plus hundreds of other news sources and news wires.  [More about ProQuest Newsstand (Global Newsstream)] 

Covers topics like diagnosis and differential diagnosis, treatment guidelines, and case stories. [More about PsychiatryOnline] 

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
Includes information on a broad range of topics in psychiatry, psychology, and anthropology. Some example topics are mental processes, emotional & behavioral characteristics, and observational & experimental methods.  [More about Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection] Video Collections
High-quality streaming videos on counseling, psychotherapy, and addiction. [More about Video Collections] 

PsycINFO via EBSCOhost
One of the top resources for research in psychology and the behavioral and social sciences. Includes information on topics ranging from education to pharmacology.  [More about PsycINFO via EBSCOhost] 

The National Agricultural Library's (NAL) search system for agricultural information. [More about PubAg] 

A free resource from the US National Library of Medicine and a key resource for medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and the preclinical sciences.  [More about PubMed]